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Dr. Sydney Ceruto

  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience – New York University
  • PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience – New York University
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology – Yale University
  • Master’s in Behavioral Psychology – Yale University
  • Master’s in Business Psychology – Yale University
  • CPLC-Executive, Life, Career, Relationships & Optimal Performance

Mastering My Own Mind:
The Journey to Neuroplasticity

Empowering You to Reach Your Goals

Hey there! I’m Dr. Sydney Ceruto, a passionate expert in Neuroscience-Based Coaching. I have two PhDs in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience from Yale and NYU, and I’m all about using Neuroplasticity, our brain’s incredible ability to change, to help you achieve your dreams. My specialty is guiding clients to spot their faulty thinking patterns, change unwanted behaviors, develop emotional resilience, and gain mental clarity.

My Path to Becoming a Trailblazer

Dr. Sydney ceruto, one of the leading personal development pioneers in neuroscience.

My Unique Approach to Coaching

When I was a teenager, I tragically lost both of my parents. This devastating event led to profound depression and chronic anxiety. However, my journey to heal and grow inspired me to pursue higher education. I went on to earn three Masters in Psychology and two PhDs in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. This personal experience motivated me to develop an innovative, science-backed approach to  coaching. It’s amazing to see how it has revolutionized the way people make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Challenging the Status Quo

How I'm Disproving Traditional Therapy and Counseling

Over twenty years ago, I founded MindLAB Neuroscience. I wanted to create an integrative approach based on solid science that would challenge the long-held beliefs about the effectiveness of traditional therapy and the need for years of counseling. My program has received high praise and has genuinely transformed the way people make lasting, positive changes across all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Sydney ceruto consulting a client at mindlab neuroscience

If you're looking for an expert in Neuroscience-Based Coaching who can help you make positive and permanent changes in all areas of your life, book a consultation with me today.

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