Frequently Asked Questions


With all the life coaches out there, why work with you?

In my 20+ years in the business, I’ve seen plenty of fly-by-night programs that were completely ineffective, so I understand how difficult it can be for clients to know ahead of time exactly what they’re getting into, and sometimes that can result in a lack of commitment – a sure-fire way to undermine results.

The beauty of possessing such an extensive education in psychology and cognitive neuroscience as I do is that I have a deep understanding of how our brains truly work.  This knowledge allows me to offer a pathway that helps clients make real, lasting positive changes.  Further ensuring that clients can put their full trust in me, is the stellar track record of client success my program has yielded and the sheer effectiveness of implementing a modality grounded in hard science. That combination makes working with me, the most powerful differentiator when a client is choosing whom to work with. 

Who do you work with?

I started coaching over 20 years ago and I have worked with a variety of clients – from celebrities to business owners, creative professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. My typical clients are men and women in their 20’s to 50s. I help them make better relationship and career choices through teaching them how to manage their emotions and gain insight into their behavior and thinking patterns. Many of my clients are individuals seeking to create a fulfilling relationship and a satisfying career in the most authentic way. Clients who come to me are committed to their personal growth. They are open to new perspectives and ready to invest energy and resources into achieving their desired results.

What can I expect from my first session?

We start by taking stock of your current situation and clarifying your goals. I ask questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage your own insights and explore your options. Once a client’s thought-patterns have been identified, it’s time to get to work on changing them. I teach my clients how to manipulate and positively change their emotional associations through a variety of methods, including decisive self-talk, directed focusing techniques, and more. These techniques are based on my education and training in cognitive neuroscience and neurocoaching and have been refined constantly over my decades as both a neuroscientist and a coach.

Why is the Total Transformation Package so much more effective than other methods?

The most obvious benefit of my program is that it ushers real positive change, that is done on a comprehensive, neurological level, where it becomes permanent and enduring.  However, there are numerous other upsides to this approach as well. One is that, unlike seeing a traditional therapist or coach, my clients don’t need to spend the bulk of their initial sessions digging through the past trying to find the roots of their problems. With neuro-rewiring, we can get to work on enacting positive behavioral and emotional change right away. The successes achieved through this program have been overwhelming in large part due to the in-between session accessibility my clients have to me via text, phone, and email.  This prohibits ANY backsliding and keeps each client on a forward trajectory.

How is Neuro-coaching different than regular life coaching or therapy?

Traditional forms of coaching or therapy have always been lacking in concrete evidence of authentic and enduring change within the client’s brain. Understanding the complexities of the human mind is a difficult to understand concept, comprehendible only by those with extensive neuroscientific training.  Every year, neuroscience unlocks more and more of its secrets. Neuroplasticity is one area that we’ve been learning incredible new things about over the past twenty years, and we now understand what an effective – and controllable – force it is in helping people rewire their brains and their lives to be happier and healthier.  By harnessing this power, we can help patients think more clearly, learn more easily, develop greater focus, and manage reactive emotions in stubborn areas of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and interpersonal relationships.

How does your methodology help in career or executive coaching?

Without the right personal tools to drive execution, even the most brilliant idea is all but guaranteed to go to waste. Some of those tools include things like self-discipline, drive, unshakeable self-confidence, control over fear, the ability to accept failure, and a positive outlook on life as a whole.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of business coaches don’t necessarily understand those tools of successor don’t have them close at hand in their mental or professional toolbox. Instead, they are much more one dimensional in their technique, where I implement a “whole brain wisdom” approach.  I remove doubts, negative thought patterns, bad habits, preconceived notions, and limiting beliefs from the client’s thought process– all of which conspire to ensure the achievement of each client’s goals and ideas.

As a coach with a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, I understand how to teach people to discard the attitudes and beliefs that hold them back by actually changing their brains. In place of those old bad habits, I teach them to embrace, develop, and grow the tools they need to succeed to their full potential. 

Can Neurocoaching help with profound and perpetual mental and personality disorders?

Yes, absolutely. Not only can the implementation of neural re-wiring help abate your current psychological issue, but studies have shown that by changing our thought patterns on a neurological level, it can inhibit any new disorders from arising. The even better news is that neuroplasticity has shown us that your day-to-day behaviors can have measurable effects on brain structure and function, which can offer healing and recovery from even the most debilitating and persistent disorders. 

How long will it take to see results?

My program provides continual progress with results often noticed during the first session; however, science has proven that to make lasting change, we need to repeat a behavioral pattern for 90 days.

By utilizing the advances of neuroscience, it is unnecessary to spend time digging through your past, trying to find the roots of problems. With neuro-rewiring, you will begin to work on enacting positive behavioral and emotional change immediately.

Why is traditional therapy so ineffective?

Traditional therapy, coaching or counseling, only addresses the psychology behind negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. A typical therapist’s solution is to engage your conscious mind to bring about change; this approach only works temporarily at best. As individuals, we typically revert to our default unconscious mind setting, negating any work done while in therapy.

Conventional therapy consists of weekly 45-50 minute sessions, typically most of that time is wasted reviewing events of the past week, leaving little time to work on the core issues and moving the transformation process forward.

How much does your program cost?

There are various program options to choose from depending on your specific situation.

How does payment work?

All fees are due in full at time of booking.  We accept credit cards, HSA (health savings account) debit cards, or electronic bank transfers.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance.