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Boosting Self-Drive: Strategies for Achieving More

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Driving ourselves towards success, irrespective of the circumstances, requires self-motivation, goal-setting for success, and harnessing social influence. Without this key ingredient, achieving goals or pushing through barriers feels like an uphill struggle. Yet, mastering self-motivation sets the achievers apart from the rest. So, how do you keep going when your willpower wanes? To this end, let’s delve into a few strategies that can help: goal setting, creating effective rewards, maintaining momentum, and utilizing social influence.

Make Your Goals, Not Tasks

Regarding self-motivation, the importance of goal-setting cannot be overstated. Research shows that setting specific, achievable targets leads to greater success in sales, fitness, or any other area you want to improve. This means focusing on tangible objectives such as “acquiring ten new customers per month” or “walking 10,000 steps daily” rather than vague ambitions like “doing your best.”

Try to ignite intrinsic motivation whenever possible. If you view an activity as rewarding, you will likely pursue it more enthusiastically and persistently. Remember, intrinsically driven activities predict achievement and success more accurately than extrinsically motivated ones.

Woman applying self-motivation strategies, goal setting techniques for success, and harnessing social influence learned from a brain-based life coach
She is a transformed woman excelling in her personal and professional life, thanks to self-motivation strategies, goal setting for success, and harnessing social influence guided by her brain-based life coach.

Identify Effective Rewards

While intrinsic motivation is vital, external motivators play a part, especially when tasks are inherently burdensome. Choose rewards that align with your goal rather than contradict it. For instance, rewarding yourself with a massive dessert might be counterproductive if you’re trying to lose weight. Instead, opt for a reward that reinforces your efforts, such as buying a new workout outfit or treating yourself to a relaxing spa day.

Maintain Your Momentum With Self-Motivation Strategies

Maintaining momentum is a vital aspect of self-motivation. It is common for individuals to begin with a surge of motivation that gradually diminishes over time. To combat this, breaking down your main goal into smaller, achievable subgoals can help sustain your drive. Additionally, shifting your perspective to focus on the progress you have already made can serve as a powerful motivator to continue pushing forward. With effective self-motivation strategies, you can maintain your momentum and propel yourself toward success.

Goal-Setting for Success

Goal setting is a fundamental component of achieving success. When you set clear and specific goals, you provide a roadmap for progress and growth. Goals act as guiding beacons, helping you stay focused and motivated on your desired outcomes. By setting realistic and measurable goals, you create a framework that allows you to track your progress and make necessary adjustments along the way. Goal setting provides a sense of purpose and direction, empowering you to overcome obstacles, make consistent strides forward, and ultimately achieve your envisioned success. Whether personal or professional, goal setting lays the foundation for success by providing clarity, motivation, and a tangible path to follow.

Harness the Power of Social Influence

Humans are innately social creatures, and harnessing social influence can significantly impact our self-motivation. The behavior and attitudes of those around us hold significant sway over our own behavior. When we collaborate with high-performing colleagues, their influence drives us to increase our productivity and performance, hence why it is vital to harness social influence. Engaging with these individuals exposes us to valuable insights and strategies that can help us improve and excel.

It’s essential to recognize that offering advice can be a powerful tool for bolstering our motivation. When we share our knowledge and guidance with others, it not only benefits them but also builds our self-confidence and ignites our action-oriented mindset. Look for opportunities to provide guidance and support to others, as this helps them and clarifies our own path forward, fueling our motivation and drive. By harnessing the power of social influence, we can tap into a powerful resource that propels us toward more tremendous success.


Mastering self-motivation can feel like a complex art. The elusive ‘flow’ state, where you are fully engaged and focused on an enjoyable activity, may sometimes seem out of reach. Nevertheless, you can boost your self-drive and achieve more by combining intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, smart goal setting, consistent momentum, and harnessing social influence.

If you want to understand more about your unique motivations and how you can harness them for success, don’t hesitate to contact me at MindLAB Neuroscience.

A consultation could provide the insight you need to transform your life and career.

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