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Transform Your Life with Neuroscience-Based Brain Coaching and Counseling

What is brain-based coaching and counseling?

Brain-based coaching and counseling is a contemporary and scientifically grounded approach to personal development. This approach is based on the latest insights into how the brain works and how it can be rewired to create positive and lasting changes. Using a proprietary self-directed approach focused solely on your agenda, I create an environment for you to connect or re-connect with your best self. The approach focuses on facilitating positive change by improving and understanding your specific thinking patterns, known as cognition.

How and why does brain-based coaching and counseling work?

Brain-based coaching and counseling works by leveraging the resources and resourcefulness of you that you are most likely unaware you possess. It creates an environment conducive to new insight and enables you to develop greater self-awareness and a deeper appreciation of your circumstances. It creates new ways to resolve issues, produce better results, release past traumas, work through any anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence or self-worth, and achieve your goals far quicker than any other program available today.

What makes brain-based coaching and counseling different?

Brain-based coaching and counseling is founded on six fascinating insights about the brain that have helped shape this approach as a game-changing approach to thinking, learning, developing, and lasting change. These insights include: the brain is a connection machine, no two brains are wired the same, the brain sees the world according to its own wiring, the brain hardwires everything it can, it’s practically impossible to deconstruct our hardwiring, and it’s really easy to create new wiring. Brain-based coaching and counseling is different because it focuses on solutions, challenges and stretches the brain, provides positive feedback, and offers a structured approach to improving thinking and producing lasting change.

What are the benefits of brain-based coaching and counseling?

Brain-based coaching and counseling has wide applications spanning from career and executive coaching, anxiety, trauma and depression relief, relationship issues, all the way to confidence and self-esteem building. The benefits of brain-based coaching and counseling are numerous and include creating far more powerful, positive, and transformational changes for clients, breaking out of autopilot, and embedding new learning and behavior for long-lasting change.

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