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What neuroscience has made evidently clear is that changes in the brain cause changes in your thinking, behaviors, and emotions.

Cognitive Distortions Visual
Cognitive Distortions

Discover the faulty thought patterns that create negative neuronal associations.

Disrupt Associations Chain Breaking
Disrupt Associations

Break the destructive emotions and behaviors happening on a frequent and mostly subconscious level. 

Brain Rewiring Diagram
Neural Rewiring

Re-wire your brain’s neural pathways with positive and accurate assertions until they become your default setting.

Whether you are looking for a new position, striving for that dream job, starting a new business of your own or looking for a position that matches your current skills better, a neuroscientific approach can help.

Understanding your personality traits, faulty thinking patterns, core strengths and weaknesses is a key element in selecting the right career.

Career coaching by MindLAB Life Coaching will help you move forward with clarity, focus, and success; we utilize the most cutting edge and highly effective coaching modality, called Neural Re-Wiring.

Career Services

  • Clarification of your career objectives
  • Clarity on how to effectively search for a job
  • Confidence building while changing careers
  • Design a road map to achieve your career goals
  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Professional resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile writing
  • Forensic career exploration
  • Personalized and pressurized interview preparation
  • Seamless & stress-less career transition
  • Strategic ways to obtain a promotion or raise

Assessing Your Talents & Creating an Action Plan

At MindLAB Life Coaching, we help honestly assess your talents, identify your needs, and provide the necessary motivation for you to accomplish your goals. We form a dynamic and intimate relationship to curate a career and personal development plan that will:

  • set both short and long-range goals
  • determine action plans and monitor progress in attaining goals
  • resolve communication problems
  • manage change and conflict
  • keep you focused and on track
  • maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life

Working Together to Maximize Your Potential

Together we will work to maximize your potential and ease your concerns. Our career counseling program is designed to increase your level of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and overall enjoyment. Many clients achieve a renewed sense of perspective and make significant positive changes in all areas of their lives.

Ensuring Ultimate Career Success

Dr. Ceruto approaches her work in a thorough, succinct, relaxed, and personalized manner. Through discussion, structured exercises, and psychodynamic assessments, together, we will identify your skills, interests, personal style, needs, and values. You will have in-person pressurized interviewing in her board room to ensure you ace your next interview.  The information you uncover and develop through her comprehensive, science-based program, will enable us to create a career plan that will achieve excellence in your work and your life.

You are NOT powerless over your brain!

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By understanding brain science, you can learn how to take massive action to ‘rewire’ your brain processes for better outcomes.

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