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Relationship and Marriage Coaching

Why Choose Neuroscience-Based
Relationship and Marriage Coaching?

In the intricate dance of relationships, it’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves out of step with each other. My unique approach to Relationship and Marriage Coaching, which integrates the latest findings from neuroscience, offers couples the tools to realign and rediscover their rhythm. 

You will learn scientific principles you can use to avoid triggering fear and panic in your partner, manage your partner’s emotional reactions when he or she does become upset, and recognize when your brain’s threat response is hindering your ability to act in a loving way. By learning to use simple gestures and words, you will be able to put out emotional fires and help your partner feel more safe and secure. Here’s how my program can make a difference in your relationship:

Deepening Understanding: Dive deeper into the layers of your relationship. With my guidance, you’ll unearth profound insights, leading to a stronger bond and heightened intimacy.

Navigating Challenges: Every relationship faces its share of storms. Whether it’s infidelity, lies, or communication breakdowns, my neuroscience-informed approach provides strategies to navigate these challenges, ensuring a resilient bond.

Enhancing Communication: Harness the power of neuroscience to foster open, honest, and effective communication. Understand each other’s brain processes, leading to more empathetic and understanding conversations.

Strengthening Bonds: Relationships are built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. With my coaching, you’ll learn to strengthen these pillars, ensuring a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Addressing Emotional Patterns: Emotions play a pivotal role in relationships. By understanding and reshaping negative emotional patterns, couples can create a secure bond that stands the test of time.

Recovering from Lies and Infidelity: Trust, once broken, can be challenging to rebuild. My approach delves deep into the neuroscience of trust and betrayal, offering couples tools and strategies to heal, rebuild, and fortify their bond against future breaches.

Understanding Attachment Theory: Delve into the science of attachment and understand how early-life experiences shape your relationship behaviors. By recognizing and addressing these patterns, couples can foster a more secure and understanding bond.

Building a Fulfilling and Enduring Sex Life: Physical intimacy is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Using insights from neuroscience, couples can enhance their connection, reignite passion, and maintain a fulfilling sex life throughout their relationship’s lifespan.

The MindLAB Neuroscience Advantage

Neuroplasticity in Relationships

Leverage the brain’s adaptability to foster positive changes in your relationship dynamics that become your new “default” setting.

Brain-Based Strategies

Understand and harness each other’s unique brain processes, strengths and vulnerabilities to enhance connection, trust, and mutual understanding.

Informed Relationship Choices

Make relationship decisions backed by insights into the brain’s intricate processes, ensuring healthier dynamics and stronger bonds and more confident decisions.

Neuroscience and Emotions

To strengthen a relationship, we must adjust our thinking within the brain’s neural pathways. This approach provides couples with tools for more resilient bonds.

Expertise You Can Trust

Rely on scientifically-backed methodologies and proven techniques, pioneered and refined by Dr. Ceruto over decades of dedicated research and hands-on practice.

Innovative Techniques for Enduring Growth

My pioneering approach integrates neuroscience with relationship coaching, guiding couples towards lasting harmony, understanding, and connection.

Program Options



12 Engagement Hours

8 Sessions: 60-minute deep dives into personal relationship concerns or issues.

8 Support Sessions: 30-minute guidance sessions to navigate relationship challenges.

Personalized Assessment: Tailored evaluation focusing on your role in the relationship.

Detailed Analysis: Actionable insights specific to your relationship concerns, emailed weekly.

Email Support: 8-week continuous email assistance for any arising relationship queries.

Flexible Scheduling: Sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Customizable Support: Adjustable hours and support based on your needs.

Flexible Duration: Extendable program to adapt to evolving relationship dynamics.

This program is designed for individuals aiming to address specific relationship issues or concerns on a personal level.



32 Engagement Hours

16 Sessions: 90-minute comprehensive exploration sessions. These can be attended individually or as a couple, depending on the specific needs at that time.

16 Support Sessions: 30 minutes each, ensuring consistent guidance and support for both partners.

Personalized Assessments: Emotional & Behavioral evaluations tailored for both partners, understanding the dynamics of the relationship.

Detailed Analysis: In-depth evaluations of relationship areas, offering clear insights, mutual understanding, and actionable recommendations.

Resource Library: Access to a curated library of e-books, articles, and videos by Dr. Sydney Ceruto on relationship growth, neuroscience, and behavioral patterns in partnerships.

Real-time Support: Direct text or call access to Dr. Ceruto for immediate feedback during critical moments, ensuring effective communication and decision-making when it matters most.

Flexible Scheduling: Sessions tailored to both partners’ schedules with priority booking.

Customizable Support: Adjustable hours and support to cater to individual or joint sessions based on the relationship’s evolving needs.

Flexible Duration: Extendable program to adapt to evolving relationship dynamics.

This all-encompassing package is meticulously crafted for couples seeking to holistically address and enhance various facets of their relationship, fostering a deeper connection and mutual understanding.

Integrated Family Wellness

Dive deep into family dynamics or address specific life situations with a fully customized approach.

Let’s co-create a solution together.

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Success Stories

A New LifeHanna Guttenberg
Riverdale, New York, NY
Read More
"Let's start with the fact I've seen a handful of "therapists" since my early twenties- to no avail. My husband and I tried marriage counseling and everything under the moon to "fix" what was unfixable. I called MindLAB Neuroscience as a depressed 30 year old with a suppressed self-esteem because of my overly religious husband. I was desperate and lost and needed guidance. Dr. Ceruto worked with me although I had already decided to divorce. She gave me the permission I so desperately needed to find myself and go out and focus on myself, it was liberating! I regained my confidence and found the woman I used to be."
Rekindling Love: From Strangers to SoulmatesMichael & Dina Corso
Greenwich, CT
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"After 14 years of marriage, we felt more like strangers than partners. Arguments replaced understanding, and despair overshadowed our love. Just when we considered giving up, a friend introduced us to Dr. Sydney Ceruto's Couples Program. Dr. Ceruto's insightful approach helped us navigate our challenges, equipping us with tools to communicate and reconnect. Today, we're not just spouses but best friends, deeply in love and understanding. Dr. Ceruto's program was a turning point for us, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to any couple seeking to rekindle their bond and stop the chaos and fighting."
Rescuing My MarriageIra and Debra Weiss
Manhattan, NY
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“My partner and I were on the verge of calling it quits, but Dr. Ceruto’s warm and understanding approach helped us turn the tide. Our marriage was riddled with toxicity and a lot of contempt and resentment. She showed us the importance of effective communication and taught us how to express our needs and emotions in a way that brought us closer together, not further apart. Our relationship has never been better, and we owe our newfound happiness to Dr. Ceruto’s invaluable guidance. How great it is not to be at each other’s throat!”
Discovering AuthenticityRurpal Malpure
San Francisco, CA
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“I’m a successful business woman, but when it came to dating, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. A longtime friend of mine had just completed her package at MindLab and I saw a remarkable change in her for the better. That’s when I decided to work with Dr. Ceruto. She helped me to change my behaviors and outlook on dating, and sorted through all my internal baggage. We worked on my perception and ideals that were holding me back from who I truly was as a woman. In a really short time, I started attracting a significant higher-quality of men. Thanks to my Dr. Ceruto, I met the man of my dreams and we’ve been together for over a year now. I finally found the love I had been looking for!”
A Journey of Healing and Renewed IntimacyJake & Emily D.
Bedford, NY
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"One of the most remarkable things about Dr. Ceruto is her ability to foster intimacy. Through various exercises and sessions, she helped us reconnect on a deeper level, both emotionally and physically. We rediscovered the love and passion that first brought us together, and with her guidance, we learned to channel our pain into growth. Today, we stand stronger than ever as a couple. The scars of the past are still there, but they serve as a reminder of our journey and the resilience of our love. We owe a great deal of our healing and renewed intimacy to Dr. Ceruto. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication have given us a second chance at love, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Thank you, Dr. Ceruto, for helping us find our way back to each other."

Strengthen Your Relationship

Take The First Step Today!

Is Our Relationship Coaching Program the Right Fit for You and Your Partner?

Thank you for considering our neuroscience-based relationship counseling program. This personalized approach is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique dynamics and challenges faced by couples or individuals in relationships.

Embarking on a relationship counseling journey is a significant commitment, both emotionally and time-wise. We encourage you to thoroughly explore our website to gain a comprehensive understanding of our offerings before setting up a consultation.

Our 30-minute consultation session is an opportunity for us to delve into your relationship concerns and aspirations. This helps us ascertain if our program aligns with your relationship goals. Rest assured, any information you share with us remains strictly confidential and serves solely to customize the counseling experience to your unique relationship landscape. Feel free to invite your partner by using the “Add Guests” button in the form.

We eagerly anticipate the chance to collaborate with both of you, guiding your journey towards a stronger, more harmonious bond.

Relationship and Marriage Coaching FAQ's

Neuroscience offers insights into our emotional and cognitive processes, shedding light on how we connect, communicate, and react in relationships. By understanding these neural pathways, our coaching approach can offer strategies that resonate with your brain’s natural tendencies, making relationship growth more intuitive and sustainable.

Real-time support during pivotal moments is crucial as it interrupts the brain’s natural tendency to revert to established patterns of reaction. By providing immediate guidance and strategies, we can help couples navigate intense emotions and situations, fostering healthier communication. Leveraging the principles of neuroplasticity, this timely intervention aids in forming new, more salubrious neural connections, replacing old patterns with healthier responses. Over time, these new neural pathways become the default, promoting a stronger and more harmonious bond between partners.

Yes, the “Couples” program is uniquely structured to include both individual and joint sessions. While the joint sessions delve into the dynamics of the relationship, the individual sessions offer a confidential environment for personal reflection, growth, and candid expression. It’s often in these one-on-one settings that individuals feel more at ease discussing certain concerns or feelings they might be hesitant to share in a joint session. This comprehensive approach allows Dr. Ceruto to understand both the individual and collective needs, ensuring tailored guidance for each partner and the relationship as a whole.

The “Individual” Relationship program is specifically designed for individuals aiming to understand and address their own patterns, behaviors, and emotions within relationships. It offers tools and strategies to enhance personal growth, ensuring healthier relationship dynamics in the future.

Absolutely. We prioritize accommodating both partners’ schedules, ensuring that sessions can be arranged at convenient times, be it weekdays, evenings, or weekends.

Still have questions?