The Neuroscience Of Motivation: How Our Brains Drive Hard Work And Achievement

One thing science has understood for quite some time is the importance of the chemical dopamine. The image of dopamine the average person is exposed to is that of a “pleasure chemical,” but thanks to neuroscience and pharmacology, we now understand that dopamine primarily deals with motivation.

Corporate Pack Leaders: How Alpha Males Impact Business Organizations

As a coach who works with executives of all stripes, I tend to run into one personality type constantly: the alpha male. It makes sense; the traits that alpha males possess are often a boon when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. But there are also drawbacks that emerge from alpha behavior, and as alpha males rise into leadership positions, those drawbacks can become serious limitations. As a coach, it’s my job to help clients learn to control those negative sides of their personalities. Doing so allows them to grow both personally, and as leaders within their organizations, benefiting not only themselves but all those around them as well.