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Career Coaching

Unlock Your Career Potential
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In today’s competitive job market, many professionals find themselves seeking direction and clarity in their careers. This is where my Neuroscience Career Coaching program steps in, offering a unique blend of advanced career coaching techniques combined with the latest insights from neuroscience. Here’s how my program can benefit you:


Unlocking Your Potential: If you’ve ever felt that you’re not reaching your full potential in your career, my coaching will help you discern and understand the root of such feelings, shifting your focus from external validations to internal fulfillment.


Career Advancement: If you’re clear about your career aspirations but unsure about the path, I’ll provide actionable steps, ensuring that your thoughts and feelings align with actions leading to your desired professional outcomes.


Navigating Career Challenges: Tackle career-related challenges, be it job loss, difficult colleagues, or adapting to new roles, with resilience and strength.


Silencing the Inner Critic: Combat workplace anxiety and stress by learning strategies to quieten your negative inner voice and foster positivity and self-belief.


Strategic Career Development: Harness the power of the Law of Attraction with guidance on focusing your energy to align with your career goals.


Career Compatibility through Neuroscience: Understand the intricate workings of your brain to determine roles and environments where you can thrive, ensuring alignment between your innate strengths and your professional journey.


Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Transition from a reactive mindset to one of proactive thinking, fostering self-belief and understanding in the workplace.


Negotiation and Decision Making: Dive deep into your negotiation skills and cultivate a confident decision-making mindset.


Discovering Your Career Path: Let me guide you in finding your true professional calling, ensuring you lead a purpose-driven career.


Correcting Faulty Thinking Patterns: Identify and rectify erroneous thought patterns in the workplace, setting the stage for a healthier professional mindset.


Boosting Self-Confidence: Elevate your professional self-worth with tailored strategies that reinforce confidence in your abilities.


Addressing Workplace Behaviors: Transform behaviors that hinder professional growth and replace them with constructive habits.


Enhancing Decision Making: Equip yourself with tools and insights to make competent, informed decisions in all career areas.

The MindLAB Neuroscience Advantage

Neuroplasticity in Action

Utilize your brain’s adaptability to foster growth and change in your career.

Your Unique Brain Blueprint

Discover and leverage your brain’s distinct wiring for lasting career compatibility.

Deep Emotional Intelligence

Benefit greatly from gaining astute EQ about yourself and, equally important, those around you in the workplace.

Pioneering Approach

Experience the synergy of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and career coaching, a winning combination.

Renowned Expertise

Rely on scientifically-backed, proven methodologies for career advancement.

Lasting Impact

Move beyond temporary solutions to achieve enduring professional growth.

Program Options

Career Guidance


12 Engagement Hours

8 Sessions: 60-minute deep dives into specific career-related concerns.

8 Support Sessions: 30-minute guidance sessions for career progression.

Personalized Assessment: Tailored evaluation ensuring a targeted approach to your career objectives.

Detailed Analysis: Clear, actionable career insights written specifically for you and emailed weekly.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review: Expert review of your resume and LinkedIn profile with constructive feedback and guidance to enhance your professional presence and highlight your strengths.

Interview and Review Preparation: Guided sessions to help you navigate interviews and performance reviews, boosting your confidence and communication skills.

Email Support: 8-week continuous email assistance for career-related queries.

Flexible Scheduling: Sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Customizable Support: Adjustable hours and support tailored to your professional needs.

Flexible Duration: Extendable program to accommodate any professional changes or challenges.

This program is tailored for professionals concentrating on a specific facet of their career, such as job transition or role enhancement.

Career Mastery


24 Engagement Hours

12 Sessions: 90-minute comprehensive exploration into various facets of your career.

12 Support Sessions: 30 minutes each, ensuring consistent guidance and support across all professional areas.

Personalized Assessments: Career-focused evaluations tailored to your needs across multiple areas.

Detailed Analysis: In-depth evaluations of each professional area, providing clear insights, enhanced understanding, and personalized career recommendations.

Real-time Support: Immediate text or call access to Dr. Ceruto for on-the-spot feedback during pressing workplace situations, guaranteeing strategic communication and decision-making when it’s most crucial.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Building: Comprehensive assistance in crafting a standout resume and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to reflect your professional achievements and aspirations, ensuring you make a lasting impression in the competitive job market.

Interview and Performance Review Prep: Tailored sessions, including role-playing exercises, to prepare you for crucial interviews, performance reviews, and other pivotal career discussions, enhancing your confidence, presentation, and communication skills.

30-60-90 Day Plans: Comprehensive written strategies designed to navigate and excel during your initial three months, ensuring a smooth transition and impactful start in a new role or career trajectory.

Networking Opportunities: Introductions to Dr. Ceruto’s vast network of business connections, opening doors to potential opportunities.

Resource Library: Access to a curated library of e-books, articles, and videos by Dr. Sydney Ceruto related to career growth, neuroscience, and behavioral change in the workplace.

Flexible Scheduling: Sessions tailored to your schedule with priority booking for your professional needs.

Customizable Support: Adjustable hours and support tailored to your career objectives.

Flexible Duration: Extendable program to fit any professional changes or challenges.

This program is designed for individuals aiming to address multiple dimensions of their professional journey simultaneously, from networking to role preparation.

Success Stories

Finding My StrengthsChaim Schwartz
Senior IT Advisor, KickStarter
Miami, FL
Read More
“I was at a point in my career where I felt like I had hit a ceiling. I was a good manager, but I didn’t know how to take my career to the next level. That’s when I decided to work with Sydney. She helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and taught me how to communicate my vision to senior management. She also helped me to delegate tasks more effectively and manage my time better. Thanks to Sydney’s amazing ability to help create positive change and growth, I was able to take on more responsibility at work and I eventually got promoted to a higher executive position. I couldn’t have done it without her!”
Finding Direction:
Pivotal Career Choices
Bob Hoyt
Chief Technology Officer at HSBC
London, UK
Read More
“I found myself at a career crossroads, unsure of which direction to take. Dr. Ceruto’s Brain-Based Coaching helped me gain clarity and insight into my strengths, passions, and goals. Her guidance made all the difference, and I made a confident choice that ultimately led me to my dream job! I’m made a confident choice that ultimately led me to my dream job! I’m incredibly grateful for her support and encouragement during that pivotal time in my life.”
A New Chapter
with Dr. Ceruto's Mentorship
Maria Droganova
AP Curry College
Boston, MA
Read More
"As an educator with over a decade of experience, I felt stagnant. The passion was there, but the growth seemed elusive. I needed direction, a fresh perspective. Enter Dr. Ceruto. Her career guidance was a breath of fresh air. She helped me identify areas of growth, introduced me to networking opportunities, and reignited my passion for teaching. With her mentorship, I transitioned to a leadership role, shaping curriculum and influencing the next generation of learners. Dr. Ceruto didn't just offer guidance; she offered a vision. Today, I'm not just an educator; I'm a changemaker, all thanks to her."
Unwavering ConfidenceTash Maxwell
Brand Marketing and Content for Wellness at Viome
New York, NY
Read More
"In the competitive world of finance, I was a rising star. But a series of personal setbacks left me doubting my capabilities. I felt lost, unsure of my decisions, and constantly second-guessed myself. That's when a colleague recommended Dr. Ceruto. Sydney’s career guidance was a beacon of hope. She helped me rediscover my strengths, realign my goals, and build a roadmap to success. Her sessions were a blend of introspection and actionable strategies, which kept me super engaged. With her guidance, I regained my confidence, secured a promotion, and I now lead my own team. Dr. Ceruto's impact on my career is immeasurable."
Performance ReviewJanine Ogboyanna
Sports Marketing + Partnerships
Eatontown, NJ
Read More
"At a pivotal moment in my career as a mid-level manager at a top consulting agency, a poor performance review threatened my position. Enter Dr. Ceruto, whose expert career guidance became my lifeline. She equipped me with transformative tools to combat procrastination, streamline mental organization, and master task prioritization. The game-changer? Direct text access to Dr. Ceruto, ensuring real-time advice during critical moments. Today, thanks to her unparalleled support, I've not only retained my role but have also emerged as a commendable performer in my domain."

Elevate Your Career

Embark on Your Professional Journey Now!

Is Our Career Coaching Program the Right Fit for You?

Thank you for considering our neuroscience-driven career coaching program. This bespoke program is meticulously crafted to align with each client’s distinct professional aspirations and challenges.

We recognize that embarking on a career coaching journey demands your valuable time, dedication, and resources. As such, we recommend that you thoroughly explore our website to gain a comprehensive understanding of our offerings before setting up a consultation.

Our 30-minute consultation session aims to delve into your career objectives and challenges, helping us ascertain if our program aligns with your professional trajectory. Rest assured, any information you share with us remains strictly confidential and serves solely to customize the program to your unique career landscape.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and guide you towards your career milestones.

Career Coaching FAQ's

 The “Career Guidance” program is designed for professionals focusing on a specific aspect of their career, such as transitioning roles or enhancing their current position. In contrast, the “Career Mastery” program offers a comprehensive approach, addressing multiple dimensions of one’s professional journey, including mock interview preparation, strategic planning for the first three months in a new role, and networking opportunities with Dr. Ceruto’s vast business connections.

Neuroscience provides insights into how and why we think, feel, and behave the way we do. In the context of career coaching, understanding the brain’s functions can significantly improve decision-making, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills in a professional setting. By tailoring strategies that align with your brain’s natural inclinations, the process of career development becomes more intuitive and effective. 

While our primary focus is on personal and professional development, the “Career Mastery” program offers introductions to Dr. Ceruto’s extensive network of business connections. This can open doors to potential opportunities and collaborations, enhancing your professional network.

Absolutely. Both our “Career Guidance” and “Career Mastery” programs offer flexible scheduling options. We understand the demands of a professional lifestyle and ensure that our sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, whether it’s during work hours, evenings, or weekends.

Our programs are designed to provide the most effective and transformative career coaching experience. However, we understand that everyone’s needs and circumstances are unique. We recommend discussing your preferences during your consultation with Dr. Sydney Ceruto, and we will do our best to tailor a program that aligns with your specific career objectives.

Real-time support during critical workplace situations is essential as it interrupts the brain’s natural tendency to revert to established behaviors and decision-making patterns. By offering immediate guidance and strategies, Dr. Ceruto can assist in navigating intricate work challenges, ensuring you make informed and strategic choices. Utilizing the principles of neuroplasticity, this instant intervention helps in forging new, beneficial neural connections, replacing unwanted habits with more effective ones. As these new neural pathways become more dominant, you will be better prepared to manage workplace situations and seize opportunities.

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